Month: February 2020

Month: February 2020

My name is Bianca and I run the @familyofvegans Instagram account where I post plant based recipes, tips on gently raising vegan kids, and share photos of our beautiful boys wearing our favourite ethical clothing brands.

My Background

I became vegetarian when I was 9 years old after watching a horrific documentary about slaughterhouses. Around 8 years ago I started researching the dairy industry and realised just how unnecessary and cruel it was to participate in that kind of exploitation (after having children the thought of separating cows from their calves just for humans to drink another species milk seemed even more heartbreaking).

Watching the documentary called Earthlings was undoubtedly the biggest catalyst in my transition to veganism (it’s narrated by Joaquin Phoenix – check out his incredible Oscar acceptance speech for further inspiration!).

If you are interested in some more background information and eye opening documentaries, I can really recommend viewing Cowspiracy, Game Changers, Vegucated, Dominion and What the Health.

Vegan Family Lifestyle

My Journey as a Vegan Mum

As a proud vegan Mum I’ve successfully had two plant based pregnancies and birthed two thriving boys, Elijah Finch (aged 4) and Esra Oak (7 months).

Throughout my pregnancies I made sure to eat a wholefood plant based diet including plenty of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, tofu, nuts and seeds and also took a good quality vegan prenatal vitamin.

My bloodwork throughout my pregnancies was consistently great and both my babies were born full term and at healthy birth weights.

The World Health Organisation actually now states that a vegan diet can meet all nutritional requirements.

Thankfully veganism is becoming more mainstream and there are so many amazing vegan options available at grocery shops, cafes, restaurants etc.

For individuals that really crave the taste and consistency of meat products but don’t want to partake in animal cruelty, there are so many similar alternatives including plant based sausages, burgers, nuggets etc.

We tend to eat more of a wholefood diet and eat plenty of lentils, chickpeas, beans, tofu and tempeh.

Raising vegan children has been really easy for us so far.

Our 4 year old boy absolutely loves his fruit and veggies and eats a very varied diet.

A typical day of food for him is:


-oats with banana and strawberries, chia/hemp/flax/sunflower/pumpkin seeds, cacao, almond butter, oat milk and a drizzle of maple syrup and blackstrap molasses

Morning snack:

– fruit, nuts and bliss balls


– smashed avocado, hemp seeds and nutritional yeast on spelt sourdough toast with a side of fresh berries, melon and raw veggie sticks

Afternoon snack:

– a green smoothie and some veggie sticks and hummus


– lentil bolognaise with pulse pasta and a side of broccoli and spinach


– cashews and medjool dates

(We make sure to give Elijah different foods every day so he gets an abundance of nutrients and also doesn’t get bored or fussy with his food)

Our second son Esra is just 7 months old and started eating solids at 6 months.

We have been doing Baby Led Weaning with him so he basically eats the same as us as long as there’s little to no salt and the food is soft enough for him to mush in his cute gummy little mouth!

His favourite foods at the moment are cucumber, steamed broccoli and coconut yogurt.

I absolutely love baking with my eldest child.

He gets so excited measuring, mixing and getting messy in the kitchen!

I would like to share with you one of our favourite treats we love making at home:

Healthy chewy chocolate biscuits.

They are made from just a handful of nutritious ingredients and taste seriously chocolatey and delicious!

To make them we simply mix:

1 ripe mashed banana
1/2 cup of cacao powder
1/2 cup of peanut butter (or almond butter)
1/2 cup of maple syrup
1 Tbsp of hemp seeds (optional)
A pinch of salt

Then drop heaped teaspoon sized blobs on to a lined baking tray and bake at 160 degrees for approximately 15 minutes.

Our Vegan Family Life

We live by the beach on the South Coast NSW and the majority of our days are spent outside.

I’m a stay at home Mum and I absolutely love spending quality time with my children immersed in nature.

It’s really important for us that our boys grow up respecting and appreciating the environment and veganism is a big part of that.

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change and simply eating less meat is a huge step towards healing our planet.

Making ethical choices when it comes to our children’s clothing is also very important. We have used the same cloth nappies for both of our boys and have not only saved thousands of dollars, we’ve also prevented an abundance of unnecessary landfill from disposable nappies.

As vegans we avoid a number of animal products such as wool, leather and silk and instead we mostly choose organic cotton, hemp and bamboo products for our children.

Elves in the Wardrobe have a great selection of sustainable vegan clothing with fabrics that are soft but durable – the perfect combination for our little ones to play and move freely.

We particularly love the G.Nancy range and Nature Baby range.

If you are interested in raising a vegan family, feel free to check out my Instagram page for meal inspiration

You will find a majority of my children’s meals on the page as well as  some vegan fashion recommendations for both adults and children.


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