Month: January 2022

Month: January 2022

Most new parents will be familiar with the chaos that ensues when trying to get out of the house, even just going shopping. Nothing quite prepares you for the sheer amount of organisation involved with such a seemingly simple task with a new baby! However, in time, you’ll get the hang of it. In fact, you’ll become adept at anticipating the wants and needs of your little ones. Ok, not quite Bear Grills survival standard, but close. Adding the desire to be waste-wise and eco-friendly is next level, but not impossible. So, here are a few eco-friendly tips to make your trip planning and travelling a little smoother and ultimately more fun.

Eco-Friendly Tips – What to Bring

Food and beverage choices can be a significant source of waste. So, our eco-friendly tips include avoiding all that paper and plastic-wrapped stuff. Instead, deploy reusable water bottles and plastic containers. Also, check out the alternatives for paper napkins and plastic cutlery – there are great bamboo and wooden options that can be used repeatedly. Finally, sterilising baby bottles can be challenging unless you stay in a private residence or hotel. So, if you’re camping or on the road, you’re going to need at least a bucket of water and sterilising tablets. Check out ‘Camping with a Baby’ for more baby specific tips. Finally, the right clothing will make a massive difference to you and your little ones. So, consider breathable organic cotton and other natural fabrics for maximum comfort. Layering is a pro-tip for active families. This way, you can easily adjust to temperature changes.

Where to Go

We suggest you head for nature. After all, Australia is home to some of the most beautiful natural settings globally. We have secluded beaches, pristine rainforests, and endless National Parks. Our rivers and oceans are clean, and waterfalls are in abundance. Kids will find spending time in nature without electricity, seeing the wonders of the natural world with their own eyes completely fascinating. Ultimately, developing a love of the natural world early on will enhance their lives forever.

We hope you enjoyed our eco-friendly tips. Why not browse our full range of babies and kids organic clothing for adventurous families?

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