Are organic children’s clothes necessary?

There are some obvious advantages to buying organic baby clothes. No pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals are needed, and you can dress your children knowing their clothing is environmentally friendly, protecting our precious planet. That said, the question of whether they are necessary depends deeply on your values and needs.

As a parent or caregiver, you have to make so many decisions constantly, yet you may find you contemplate those decisions even more carefully nowadays, especially when it concerns your child and the world around them. As we sprinkle our elf dust along a glittering path, we will guide you through the decision of whether organic children’s clothing is right for you.

Is price at the back of your mind?

From our experience of selling organic children’s clothing online for many years, there’s a misconception that buying organic clothing means you have to spend considerably more. That’s not always the case, but you have to weigh up the value you’re getting in return. For example, some giant clothing brands (the ones we’ve all come across in fashion outlets around the world) may sell some expensive garments that are not designed for rough-and-tumble play, but they’re acceptable to many people because they may constitute a ‘special outfit’.

As is the case with non-organic clothes, you can find good quality products at terrific prices as well as poor-quality garments that cost hundreds of Australian dollars. Considering price is always going to be important, but most people who buy organic garments for their children are not simply looking at the cost. They are looking at the bigger picture – protecting the planet while choosing softer and safer fabrics for your little one’s skin.

A word on ethics

As is the case with organic groceries, you’re not choosing the products because they cost less – because often they don’t. You’re doing so because you’re paying special attention to the processes that go on behind the scenes to get the fresh produce from the farm to your dinner table. Buying organic children’s clothing is very much the same in this respect, so rather than purchasing ‘throwaway’ clothes manufactured in sweatshops, many people find organic clothing necessary because it helps farmers, workers, the world and you.

Struggling to find sturdier clothes for your children?

Playtime that takes place in the park, on a trampoline or in your friend’s back garden often warrants clothing that’s more durable, with much better quality than the cheap cotton found in many budget high-street stores. For example, organic cotton is not only softer, but it’s also thicker and is not nearly as worn from use and washing. If you’re still unsure whether it’s time to make the switch to organic baby clothing, why not purchase just a few organic garments to assess the quality? Every organic nappy, jumper, dress, skirt, hat or shirt is a step closer to giving your child the very best whilst protecting the environment at the same time.

If you’d like to explore our complete collection of organic children’s clothing or wish to discover our latest sale garments, you’ll find everything you could possibly need on our website.

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