The Joy of Picking Your Baby Outfits

The Joy of Picking Your Baby Outfits

As a new parent, there are few things more heart-warming and fun than choosing your baby outfits. My gosh! Those tiny little socks, cute jumpsuits and jackets, cuddly jumpers and beanies, it’s all irresistible! Like most new parents, you’ll have a need to dress your baby in the best, and cutest, clothes you can afford. So, are all baby clothes the same or are some better than others for your baby? Well, it turns out that even the baby clothes industry can be pretty ruthless when it comes to both the wellbeing of your child and the environment. We’ll explore those differences below and show how making good choices for your baby outfits can make a big difference in many ways.

Cotton Baby Outfits

Cotton is the number one fabric for baby outfits, and clothes generally. In fact, cotton production is a mighty global industry. It’s an excellent fabric for baby outfits because it’s absorbent, breathable and soft. Moreover, organic cotton won’t irritate baby’s skin or cause allergic reactions. Enormous cotton farms and manufacturing facilities exist across the world but mostly in developing countries. Conventional cotton production is big business and, as such, is always under pressure to produce a significant profit. This drive for profit often leads to heavy use of chemicals and intensive farming practices that are damaging to both the environment and workers. On the other hand, organic cotton production is far less environmentally damaging, is safer for baby and organic cooperatives are fairer to their workers. We stock brands like LEELA COTTON & LOUD+PROUD. They make adorable baby outfits that cater so beautifully for baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.

Leela Cotton is Pure Joy to Choose!

Besides making totally adorable outfits, Leela Cotton has impeccable environmental credentials. Leela’s organic cotton is grown in Turkey free from artificial pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers. Furthermore, the ground, air and water are not polluted in any way, including during the processing and manufacturing stages. Go Here to read more about Leela Cotton’s holistic approach to the environment and clothing safety.

I hope that you can see the advantages of baby outfits made from organic cotton and that you’ll feel the joy of dressing your baby!
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