Finding the Right Children’s Clothes for Children with Sensory Processing Issues

Some children suffer from a strong over-sensitivity to how clothes feel against their skin. This includes such things as a tight cuff or a scratchy label. The wrong kind of fabrics can also be an issue. Getting dressed can be a real problem for children with hypersensitivity to normal children’s clothes. Obviously, taking this stress away will be a big bonus for the whole family.

The key to success is to experiment with different clothes. So don’t be too disheartened if your child rejects that incredibly cute dress or new pants you just bought them. Keep persevering and you’ll find out what fabrics, cuts and styles are acceptable.

Here are a few tips that can help your child to feel more comfortable in his or her own skin with the right clothes for hypersensitivity.

Buy Super-Soft Children’s Clothes

Firstly, choose organic cotton children’s clothes where ever possible. Although cotton is known for being one of the softest fabrics, unless it’s organic it can also be drenched in irritating chemicals. Next, choose shirts and pants that are a little loose. Avoid stiff collars and appliques and try elastic waistbands. Finally, all new clothes need to washed before wearing.

Organic & Natural Materials

Children with tactile issue will often complain synthetic materials feel itchy or weird. And because synthetic materials tend not to be breathable, some kids with feel like they’re suffocating. Therefore, the answer is simple. Choose organic and naturally breathable fabric. These include organic cotton, organic merino wool, linen, bamboo and silk.

Buy Children’s Clothing Without Tricky Fasteners and that won’t Ride Up or Slip

Kids with Sensory Processing issues can also have motor skill issues so keep their clothing simple. Consider velco fasteners and draw-string pants. Briefs might be a better idea than boxers for your son as they tend to bunch-up and become uncomfortable. Girls are better off wearing a sports bra rather than a style that could slip off her shoulders.

Heavy Clothing for Comfort and Security

As part of sensory integration therapy, kids are covered with heavy blankets or wear weighted vests. These are sometimes called “compression” vests. If your child appears to like this sensation, try clothing them in layers.

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