Cloth nappies or disposable?

Cloth nappies or disposable

A key decision for new mums and parents is cloth nappies or disposable?

Most mums are aware of the health, environment and financial advantages of choosing cloth nappies over disposable ones. Here we’ll look in more detail at those advantages as well as dispelling a few myths surrounding their use.
We live in a disposable society. Fortunately, more and more folks are becoming aware of the harmful consequences of that lifestyle and want to make a positive change. Using cloth nappies is a great way to ease our burden on the earth and to save hundreds of dollars at the same time.

The environment and health impacts of disposable nappies

The figures from ‘Keep Australia Beautiful’ are staggering. We use around 5.6 million disposable nappies per day. This amounts to 2 billion disposable nappies per year going to landfill. In addition, they don’t breakdown easily. In fact, scientists estimate they can take up to 500 years to decompose.
Disposable nappies have been shown to contain a cocktail of toxic chemicals, many of which have already been banned from women’s hygiene products. These include tributyl tin, chlorine, perfumes, sulphates and sodium fluoride. Also, the plastics used often cause painful heat rash and skin irritations.

Cloth Nappies reduce impact on the Planet and your Purse

Sure, there’s a modest upfront investment when choosing cloth nappies. But compared to buying disposable nappies over the years until potty training, you’ll be saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Plus, you’ll know your conscience is clear. They are the ethical choice.

Disana’s Natural Cloth Nappies Since 1969

Disana’s natural nappy system has maintained its worldwide popularity for over 40 years. That’s because it’s a cost-effective, natural and ethical. Nappies are made from fair-trade cotton, wool and silk that’s approved and untreated. They’re breathable and absorbent and benefit from the natural heat-regulating properties of natural fibres.

What’s included in Disana’s cloth nappy system:

This is a complete kit and with a little care, will provide years of natural, easy-care use.

Firstly, the Knitted tie-on Nappy – The Nappy is made from pure organic cotton which provides great absorption.
Next, Brushed Cotton Liners – these aid absorption and help keep baby drier for longer. An alternative is
disana’s raw silk liners.

In addition, we have Paper Fleece Liners – these are paper-based liners to aid changing and to keep the nappy clean for longer. Note that these are optional.

Finally, Disana’s Woollen Over-pants – made from soft organic wool, these provide more absorption and the final outer layer. To make them even more leak-proof, just wash them once and lanoline to fluff up the fibres.

How do I clean the dirty cloth nappies?

Easy! Simply remove any solids and paper liners into the toilet, keep the tie-on nappies in a mesh bag. When a load is ready, wash in your machine at 60 degrees. You’ll find they dry fast and are soon ready to go again.

Disana’s Natural Nappy system is all natural, good for the environment and your pocket. Call and talk to me today about the best system for you.

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