Emotions in the Time of Corona

Emotions in the Time of Corona

On Sunday, 29 March 2020, before the first stage of Covid-19 lockdown in Melbourne, I ventured into the CBD to photograph what it was like. The city was deserted. It was strange seeing it so empty. On a normal Sunday it would be teeming with people but not that day.

I have had a mixture of feelings since the Coronavirus hit Australian shores around a few months ago.

Sadness…for the countries, communities and families who have been impacted and those yet to be.

Fear…of the unknown. I am sure you are all asking yourselves the same questions as I am. What is going to happen to us, what does the future hold for our families, the community and the world? As a first-time mum, how is this virus going to impact my six-month-old baby?

Curiosity…for what’s happening right now. When does something of this magnitude impact everyone in the world at exactly the same time? This is bigger than just you and me. It’s about us and that’s very humbling. Some of the things we’ve seen come out of this phenomenon have been incredible. Communities have bonded, people are helping others and beautiful random acts of kindness are being shared.

Motivation…to seize opportunity. I have so many tasks on my list but I never allowed myself the time. In isolation we have all the time in the world. So if not now, when?

If you’re reading this and thinking you have no motivation for any ‘projects’ and all you want to do is watch a film, cook, read, do puzzles or absolutely nothing at all, you should do just that! Besides, when else will you have pretty much all commitments wiped from your calendar and have been told to stay home?!

Before Covid-19 hit I felt like I was in a constant spin. Between motherhood, the photography business and social life, I didn’t feel like I had a chance to pause, or more importantly I didn’t allow myself to pause. Life was getting away from me. With this time, allow yourself the time to chill, take a mental and physical break from the fast-moving life we have created for ourselves. I know I am.

Stay safe everyone, we are in this together.

Lei xx

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