The Art of Dressing Kids for the Cold

The Art of Dressing Kids for the Cold

Winter is coming! Yes, winter is just around the corner. Growing up in a place like Germany always required a fair amount of preparation time before heading out into a frosty and cold winter’s day. Consequently, even from a very young age, we had to learn to dress ourselves appropriately. And dressing kids was always about the layers! Now though, bringing up my own children in Australia, the right clothing remains important even though the temperatures aren’t quite so extreme. Essentially, dressing for winter means staying warm and dry. If you dress your kids too warm, they’ll sweat and create moisture. In turn, this dampness can lead to rapid heat loss and may even be dangerous.

Helpful Hints for Dressing Kids in Winter

Check the weather. Before going out into the cold, have a quick look at the forecast. It’s worth noting that because of the way the air holds moisture, if the temperature is close to freezing, then you’re more likely to become damp. In addition, check for rain and the possibility of a quick change in the weather.
Dress in layers.  Rather than wearing big heavy sweater or coats, dress in layers. It’s far more flexible, retains more heat and the looseness allows for better circulation.

The three-layer strategy:

Base layer. The layer next to the skin should be thin and able to move moisture away. Consider organic wool, silk and cotton for this layer.
Middle layer. This is the insulating layer. The best materials are wool, double-thick organic cotton and fleece.

Outer layer. This is the protection from wind and rain layer. A long coat is best with a high collar and hood.

In addition, well-fitting boots, gloves, scarves and woolly hats (beanies) are essential.

Adjust your kid’s clothes with activity

It’s always a good idea to take a layer off your kids before they start running around. Sure, they may feel a little initial chill but that’ll soon be forgotten once they’re active. This way they won’t get wet and then get really cold.

Remember to enjoy the cold weather! Outside playtime is so important for kids so get those layers going and have some winter fun!
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