Organic Cotton and Eco-friendly Clothes for Mums

Organic Cotton and Eco-friendly Clothes for Mums

Isn’t it time you started applying the same amount of care you give to choosing the right fabrics for your little ones to wear to yourself? Eco-friendly organic cotton clothes are great for you too. Apart from the obvious benefits, like they are super comfortable and durable, making this choice helps the environment and even your health.

It’s time for us mums to choose ethical fashion and eco-friendly clothes. Let’s have a look at some of the important reasons to choose organic.

You want to avoid toxins in your food, so why wear them?

Just like a lot of aware mums, you’re probably already trying to buy the best food. You’ll avoid eating foods that contain toxins or are produced in an unethical way. You probably try to buy organic produce whenever possible. That makes sense, right? Here’s the thing. You may not be so aware of the dangerous chemicals that are often used by major clothes manufacturers.

recent study reveals toxins on clothes

For instance, a study by Greenpeace consisting of the world’s top 20 brands, revealed worrying levels of toxic chemicals still present on their clothing. This applies to both adults and kids. These hazardous chemicals can be absorbed through the skin and can attack immune systems, disrupt endocrine function and could be carcinogenic. In addition, imagine the harm to the environment and workers who handle this stuff every day. In short, it really is time to make better choices for you, your kids and the environment and choose eco-friendly clothes.

How can I avoid these chemicals?

Simple! By making the choice to buy organic fabrics. Look for ethically produced clothes made from organic cotton, muslin and organic wool. In addition, choose clothes made with ‘Fair Trade’ certification. This means the workers and farmers are being looked after better too.

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