Teach Your Kids How To Be Green

Teach Your Kids How To Be Green

We live in a beautiful world. But, there’s little doubt it’s under pressure. Therefore, green living for kids is as important as it is for adults. An early appreciation and respect for the environment will improve their lives and help to provide a more sustainable future for the planet. As adults, we know how to be environmentally friendly because we’ve made that choice. So, if you lead by example and ensure ‘being green’ is fun and stimulating, your kids will learn as they grow. Let’s look at a few simple ways to encourage your kids to love a sustainable lifestyle.

From Zero to Green Hero

Environmentally conscious parents start the learning journey right from their kid’s birth. By choosing organic cotton clothes, sustainable toys and cloth diapers, your little one will already begin to be part of the green scene. Then, as they get older, you can start to involve them in other green activities.

Grow a Garden to Learn How to be Green!

Little ones love to get in amongst the dirt so encourage them by creating their own little garden. Section off a patch and plant fast-growing tasty things, so they don’t lose interest. Veggies to consider include radishes, snap peas, green beans and cherry tomatoes.

Practice Recycling

Recycling is an essential element of learning how to be green. Teach your kids the value of recycled products and how to recycle their own waste products such as bottles, cans and waste food. Start a compost bin or mound in the garden and let them see how waste can be reused to grow food. Also, if your school isn’t running a recycling program, get involved and start one.

Buy Fairtrade

Teach your kids the importance of Fairtrade. Let them see the connection between products and where they came from. After all, companies that practice fair trade provide better conditions and pay for their workers. Plus, they often support community initiatives such as medical centres and schools.

Save Water and Energy

Showing your young ones how to save water and energy provides a solid platform for environmental awareness. So, start simply by turning off the water when they are brushing their teeth. For power, instil the habit of turning lights and appliances off when they aren’t using them.

Learning how to be green doesn’t happen overnight. Try to start your journey today by making just one change. When you and your kids are comfortable with that, then add another! Chat to us at Elves in the Wardrobe for ideas and green products.

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