Make your Life Greener: Ethical & Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

The start of a new year often sparks much debate over New Year’s Resolutions. In our last blog, we talked a little about how a new year can be a turning point, presenting you with some time and peace to reflect on the year that has passed and as a result, you may set some goals as the new year begins. Some people believe that making a new year’s resolution is nothing more than a cultural obligation, meaning you quickly search your brain to fill in the blank to the question, perhaps ending up with “I will read more in 2022″ or ” I will try and learn a new skill”.

At Elves in the Wardrobe, we believe you can set and achieve goals whenever you please and you shouldn’t feel pressurised to create lifestyle goals for the sake of it. That said, there is no doubt that with every year that passes, more people across the world are looking at how they can have a more positive impact on the world. Conscious purchasing and investing practices have never been so important. Whether you’re an eco-minded resolution-er or simply wish to step back and assess your impact on the planet, below are five ways in which you can minimise your environmental impact — and get started today!

Choose nappies made from sustainable materials

Did you know the average baby gets through 4,000 disposable nappies by the time they’re potty-trained? It’s said that cloth nappies are 40% less harmful to the environment than disposables and they can be used over and over, but you can further reduce your impact by choosing organic reusable cloth nappies from Elves in the Wardrobe — all made from lovely natural, soft and stretchy fabrics.

Look for clothing that is eco-friendly and ethical

Organic cotton is one of the most environmentally friendly materials. It does not have a harsh manufacturing process and the production of organic cotton fabric uses less energy, greenhouse gases and water! If you invest in organic baby clothes or choose garments for yourself and your kids that are free of harsh chemicals or dyes and made from beautifully soft organic materials like cotton, you will be doing your part to combat climate change, save previous water and help hardworking farmers feed their families. Our organic children’s clothing is truly gorgeous with bright, fun styles and trendy designs. Our Elves haven’t forgotten the many hard-working parents either — all of our clothing is easy to care for and sustainable for the washing machine, or by gently hand washing it.

Explore the natural world

The COVID-19 pandemic remains a global health crisis, continuing to disrupt the daily lives of people around the world. That said, many outdoor enthusiasts have responded to the pandemic with passion, and inspired more people to explore the natural world close to home. Lockdowns and physical distancing have resulted in more people craving the outdoors, which is essential not only to individual health and wellness but to building and maintaining healthy and resilient communities. By exploring and appreciating the natural world, you can begin to think more deeply about your vision for the future and how the decisions you make can impact the planet for future generations.

Grow your own food

Gardening has many benefits, including the satisfaction of producing your own food. There are fewer chemicals involved in growing organic fruits and vegetables in your garden than you would find with commercially grown produce — so there is less chance of ingesting harmful toxins. Growing your own food also allows you to have complete control over what nutrients are fed to the plants, which reduces the risk of ingesting allergens or other undesirables. By growing fruit and vegetables, you can reduce costs substantially and help save our planet at the same time.

Reduce home energy bills

The average electricity bill for a4 person household in Australia works out to be $1,944 per year. That’s a considerable sum but this is a cost that can actually be rather easy to cut down. By turning your appliances off at the wall and switching lights off when not in use, you can minimise your energy costs and reduce your bills as a result. You could even switch to an energy company that offers 100% green energy. It may also be worth considering energy-saving bulbs and limiting showers to 10-minutes. Furthermore, keep a close eye on the weather and be sure to nudge the temperature up or down to your comfort levels without overdoing it.

Live your best life with an eco-friendly 2022!
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