Mindful Kids Parties: Moving Away From Disposables and Gifts

Mindful Kids Parties - Moving Away From Disposables and Gifts

Is it time to rethink kids’ birthday parties? Traditionally, when we think of young kids’ birthday parties, we imagine cake, colourful paper décor and tables groaning with sweet food. In addition, there’s the party games and birthday gifts. All this is dished up with disposable plates, bowls and plastic cutlery. But, of course, disposable stuff makes cleaning up a little easier. And, maybe it’s kind of expected too. So, what can you do if you intend to be more mindful about your carbon footprint?

A Mindful Strategy to Parties

Firstly, you’re going to have to let people know the changes you’re going to make. Then, talk to your child and tell them why you’re doing this. Help them understand the benefits as opposed to focussing on the negatives. They’re still going to have heaps of fun and games with their friends; there’ll just be fewer sparkly things. So, forget the disposable plates and cutlery and go buy some from an op shop. Then, you won’t have to worry too much about breakages, and you can reuse them. Also, if you decide to decorate, pass them on via a community or Facebook group.

Gift or Donation?

We all know from experience that kids can end up with a whole pile of unwanted gifts. These either get shoved in a cupboard or clutter up your house. Besides, if you’re being mindful, then who wants to encourage the use of all that packaging and plastic? So, a good alternative is to ask for donations to charity or a favourite NGO. Then, chat to your kids and get them thinking about the benefits to others. Alternatively, let parents know that you’re putting a low price limit on gifts. There will be less waste this way, and it may be a relief to some struggling parents. Lastly, older kids will appreciate greener gifts like planting seeds and seedlings. Maybe even get a birthday veggie garden going?

A Birthday Gift From Elves in the Wardrobe is a Mindful Gift! Sustainable, Organic, Durable and Cute!

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