Fun, Non-Toxic Indoor Kid’s Activities and Crafts

Fun, Non-Toxic Indoor Kid's Activities and Crafts

It’s time to get crafty with the kids! Knowing what to do with your young children when they’re home all day in winter can be challenging. After all, there’s only so much screen time you want them to have. So, here’s a list of fun and creative kid’s activities that will build skills, be engaging and be kind to the environment.

Creative Kid’s Activities

Painting with Kids

Painting is probably one of the best creative kid’s activities. Even very young children enjoy painting with their hands. Painting can be messy, so prepare your space with drop sheets or do it outside if you can. Also, having a painting desk or board to restrict the painting area is a good idea. The most straightforward kind of painting is called Wet on Wet. This is watercolour paint on wet watercolour paper.

How to do Wet on Wet Painting

First, soak some sheets of good quality watercolour paper in water for about 20 minutes. While it’s soaking, get your painting boards and colours ready. Next, attach the paper to your board and wipe away excess water with a dry sponge. Finally, you’re ready to paint. So, keep the colours simple and use red, yellow, and blue. Then, go with the flow and experiment with how they mix and blend on the paper. Remember, always clean your brush with clean water before changing colour. Once the paper is dry, they are ready to display! Also, you can use the painting as a backdrop to nature items – leaves etc., or draw over them with crayons.

Kid’s Activities – Hand Sewing

Hand sewing is a fantastic skill for little ones to learn. It’s fun, and they get to make something they can be proud of. For young children, use blunt-tipped needles and punch holes through felt or fabrics before they start. So, projects can include felt wallets, felt bags, and sewing around felt or fabric shapes such as hearts. Also, as your children get older, they can progress to using ‘real’ needles, and they’ll enjoy taking on more advanced projects. Finally, organic twine and fabrics are readily available.

Project ideas: Felt bags, felt hearts, peg dolls, stuffed bunnies, hand puppets.

Kid’s Activities in the Kitchen

Young children, both girls and boys, love to get busy in the kitchen. Of course, baking organic cookies, muffins and cakes are preferred kid’s activities! Another healthy, tasty, and easy favourite is making smoothie popsicles. So, simply blend your usual smoothies and fill up popsicle moulds. They’re ready to enjoy in a few hours and can keep for weeks. Use ingredients such as banana, berries, chia, coconut oil and nuts to give them a delicious superfood boost!

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