The Best Non-Toxic Rain Gear for Kids

The Best Non-Toxic Rain Gear for Kids

It’s lovely to see kids getting out and about even in the wet, running around and enjoying splashing in their rain gear. It’s a carefree scene of innocence and play. However, did you know that most kids’ rain gear is a source of toxic chemicals? In fact, most rain gear is made with synthetic materials and coatings. These materials often contain heavy metals, PVC, and poisonous water repellents. Moreover, even items like plastic gumboots may contain excessive lead. Fortunately, many manufacturers recognise the danger of these chemicals and are producing safe, non-toxic rain gear for kids. So, here’s a quick guide on what to look out for and which non-toxic rain gear manufacturers we recommend.

Why Buy Non-Toxic Rain Gear?

It seems wrong that we must worry about a simple product like rain gear. But unfortunately, the reality is that many manufacturers put money ahead of health. Consequently, these manufacturers fail to offer kids safe, non-toxic rain gear. So, what are these toxins, and how harmful are they?

PVC – (Polyvinyl Chloride or Vinyl) PVC contains phthalates. Plus, heavy metals like lead. Phthalates are used extensively in plastic manufacturing and are linked to cancers, ADHD, behavioural disorders, fertility issues and low IQ.

DWR – (Durable Water Repellent) DWR contains perfluorinated chemicals. These chemicals are commonly used in most rainproof gear for adults and kids. DWRs are forever chemicals because they don’t break down. Plus, DWR products are easily transferred to clothing and skin. Moreover, they can cause similar health issues as PVC products.

Non-Toxic Rain Gear Materials

There are many alternative materials to look out for if you want to avoid toxins. The best are inert or natural products such as natural rubber and polyurethane. Of course, non-toxic gear can be a little more expensive. But, for peace of mind and your kid’s future health, we think it’s worth the extra investment.

Manufacturers of Safe Rain Gear

Checked out the following safe and responsible rain gear manufacturers.


Konges (Available at Elves)



 If you’re looking for safe, non-toxic waterproof rainwear for your kids, chat to Elves in the Wardrobe today.

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