Why Buy Organic Kid’s Clothes?

Why Buy Organic Kid's Clothes

Buying organic kid’s clothing is essential to your child’s health, just like eating healthy food and getting plenty of exercise outdoors. This is because the clothing industry uses vast quantities of toxic chemicals to produce both natural and synthetic materials. These toxins run off into the environment and water supplies and can remain embedded in the finished clothes. On the other hand, organic kid’s clothes are manufactured without harsh chemicals. Plus, the farmers who produce organic fibres, such as organic cotton, get a fairer deal and grow the cotton sustainably. So, how do we know that organic kid’s clothing is organic, and how safe are they?

Chemicals Found on Kid’s Clothing

The number of toxic chemicals that remain on clothing is staggering. Although most are trace amounts, for babies and young children, they can still be absorbed through the skin in harmful quantities. Even clothes sold as ‘green’ or ‘non-toxic’ can still harbour toxic chemicals.
Chemicals commonly found on kid’s clothing, including raincoats and shoes, include:

PFAS – A group of 9000 chemicals known to harm human health.

AZO dyes – Lead and other heavy metals.

Phthalates – Endocrine disrupting, harmful to neurological and reproductive systems.

VOCs – Volatile Organic Chemicals

Petrochemicals and Pesticides such as glyphosate.

Certification of Organic Kid’s Clothes

You can make sure your organic clothing is toxin-free by buying kid’s clothing that is certified organic. Some clothes made from organic cotton will still be treated with many of the chemicals mentioned above. Therefore, you must check the finished product for certification. The 2 main types of organic kid’s clothing certification are:

GOTS Certification – GOTS-certified clothing must contain at least 70% organic fibres (such as cotton) and bear the ‘made with organic’ label. GOTS-certified guarantees that at least 95% of the fibres are organic. Simultaneously, no toxic chemicals harmful to your health or the environment are permitted to be used in clothing.

Oeko-Tex certifies a finished product’s and its components’ safety and “cleanliness.” For example, say you buy bed sheets that are Oeko-Tex certified. In that case, you can be confident that no harmful chemicals were used in the fabric’s processing. However, Oeko-Tex certification does not always guarantee that a product is organic.

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