The Best Organic Stuffed Animals

The Best Organic Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals, dolls and teddy bears are essential for your child. They offer great comfort and companionship. Known by psychologists as ‘transitional objects’, stuffed animals are acknowledged as a vital part of a child’s development. But, many mass-produced stuffed toys contain toxic chemicals associated with dermatitis, hormone disruption, and cancer. Moreover, given that your child will spend lots of time in close contact with their beloved stuffed animal, you must make informed choices. The good news is that there are plenty of eco-friendly, safe, organic stuffed animals for you to choose from. So, here is a quick guide to the best organic stuffed animals and how to avoid hidden chemical dangers.

Why Buy Organic Stuffed Animals?

Stuffed toys get heaps of love. Everywhere the child goes, the toy goes too. This includes tea parties and bedtime. In fact, all day long, they’re hugged and kissed. This creates almost constant contact. So, here are the top 4 things to avoid toxic chemical contact.

Older Toys – Older toys weren’t subject to the same controls as today’s toys. So, they may contain recently banned chemicals. These might include lead and toxic flame retardants.
False Eco-friendly Claims – Watch out for misleading claims such as corn or bio-stuffing. These may not be organic and contain pesticide residues. Also, even if the outer fabric is organic cotton, check the stuffing. It may be synthetic and cause your child to breathe micro-fibres.
Synthetic Fibres – Synthetic fibres are treated with toxic chemicals during manufacture. These toxins can be absorbed through your child’s skin. Links have been made to hormone disruption and cancer.
Made in China – Unfortunately, China has quality control issues. Toys made in China often don’t meet regulations and contain lead and dangerous flame retardants.

The Effects of Toxic Chemicals in Stuffed Toys

Children and babies are less able to eradicate toxins from their bodies. This is because their internal systems are less developed. Plus, their skin is far more absorbent in the first place. This can cause toxins to build up over time and create numerous dangerous health issues for the unlucky ones later in life. These issues may include developmental delays, Parkinson’s, cancer, cognitive problems, and delayed milestones.

Our philosophy at Elves is ‘organic everywhere, all the time’. But, even if this isn’t possible straight away, making small changes one at a time, such as buying organic stuffed toys, will make a difference and start you on your journey!

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