Elves in the Wardrobe’s Favourite Organic Vegan Recipes

Elves in the Wardrobe’s Favourite Organic Vegan Recipes

Today, looking for a healthy organic way to live and eat has never been easier. Besides specialist vegan and organic food shops appearing in most towns, even your local supermarket will have a vast organic vegan food range to shop from. In fact, you should be able to find everything you need for our fab organic vegan recipes.

The Beginnings of Veganism

I still remember being in my late teens and getting a glimpse of the early vegetarian scene. I went with my family to visit my older brother. He’d just started an apprenticeship in a vegetarian restaurant! I remember the exciting feeling of the world opening up to reveal a secret world of yummy organic goodness, all without meat! At this point, my family were making fun of the lack of meat in their meals. Everyone except me! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.

Organic Vegan Recipes Today

Fast forward 25 years and two children later, thankfully, the world has become so much easier to get inspiration, ideas and, of course, vegan recipes for my family. In fact, the abundance of healthy organic lifestyle ideas, conscious parenting, and creative recipes still amazes me. So, every time I feel stuck for recipe ideas, I just sit down for 10 minutes in front of the computer, and inspiration arrives. Most Mums agree, finding tasty and healthy food for our little ones is a daily challenge. Let’s face it, most kids are picky, and all of them are different. Consequently, even if one wants more, the other may be rolling their eyes in disapproval and disgust! But don’t despair; read on.

Our Favourite Organic Vegan Meals

Today I would love to share my sources of inspiration for simple scrumptious organic vegan recipes. These favourites will even have the kiddos hollering about (hopefully all of them at the same time). They’re free of crazy amounts of added sugar and have zip zilch zero nasty chemicals and additives. Raising happy, healthy children and feeding them with wholesome ingredients go hand in hand. In short, healthy organic living starts at a young age, and the food they consume will set them up for top-notch growing.

Enjoy our Elves in the Wardrobe vegan children recipe food guide.

Happy cooking!

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