Why Buy Sustainable Clothes for Kids?

Why Buy Sustainable Clothes for Kids

Sustainable is a word we hear every day. But how does it apply to kids’ clothes, and why is it beneficial? Essentially, buying sustainable products means minimising the impact of production on the environment and creating a fairer system. For fabrics, this means environmentally-friendly growth and manufacturing and the proper treatment of workers. I remember buying sustainable clothes for kids was difficult even just a decade ago. However, fast-forward to today, and you can find plenty of good-value ethical clothing brands. So, here are great reasons to buy sustainable clothes for your kids.

Most Big Fashion Brands Use Harmful Chemicals

Fast fashion clothing uses more than 8000 synthetic chemicals during production. Moreover, many of these chemicals are toxic or carcinogenic. In addition, synthetic materials are made from petrochemicals whilst ordinary cotton is grown being drenched in pesticides. Beyond this, we then have processes such as bleaching, dyeing, and finishing. All of which rely on toxic chemicals. Some of these chemicals remain on the fabric in tiny amounts but are enough to cause a range of health issues.

Synthetic Fibres Create Landfill

Unlike natural fibres like organic cotton and wool, synthetic fibres resist breaking down. In fact, they can take as long as 200 years to decompose. Furthermore, sustainable organic clothes are more durable, so they are already usable for longer.

Let’s Make a Cleaner Planet By Buying Sustainable Clothes

Living sustainably will help create a cleaner, safer planet for our children and grandchildren. On the other hand, fast fashion production is devasting to the environment. It’s mindblowing to think that 87% of the total fibre input used for industrial fashion is burned or thrown into landfills. Also, the fashion industry produces 10% of total carbon emissions and uses 93 billion cubic metres of water annually.

Look After the People that Make our Sustainable Clothes

When you choose sustainable clothes, you’re choosing to provide fairer working conditions. After all, fast fashion employs millions of workers, often in developing countries. So, by buying eco-friendly products, you’ll contribute to better wages, better living conditions, and less exposure to dangerous chemicals.

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