Timeless, Sustainable & Organic: How has baby/kids clothing changed in recent years?

There has been a huge increase in the number of baby and kids clothing available in recent years, with many start-up brands crafting gorgeous clothing from natural fibres, which are gentler on the skin, more durable and timeless.

The switch to more sustainable clothing isn’t exactly new, however, on the whole, the latest generation of parents understand and appreciate the benefit of buying organic clothes, not just for children but also for the environment. For example, buying a certified organic cotton t-shirt can save a staggering 2,457 litres of water when compared to conventional cotton — this alone is enough for one person to drink eight glasses of water a day for three and a half years. It’s statistics like this that put matters into perspective, but another key reason for the growing popularity of organic baby clothes in Australia is comfort. With no chemicals used during production, such as toxic dyes, pesticides, insecticides and fertilisers, organic cotton is undoubtedly the safest and comfiest choice for babies’ clothes as well as those who have very sensitive skin. It’s also very breathable, meaning your little ones can wear organic cotton in warm weather and still be comfortable because it doesn’t trap heat yet it allows moisture to evaporate.

The rise of independent ECO fashion brands

At Elves In The Wardrobe, we celebrate independent fashion brands specialising in organic baby clothing and kidswear. As many parents in Australia and across the world will know, the biggest fashion chains tend to offer very cheap garments for kids, which makes it easy to find outfits throughout the seasons, however, there’s a good chance that when shopping from such places you will compromise your morals as a green, conscious consumer.

The organic baby clothing you’ll discover throughout our online store is eco-friendly because the farms we work with do not use any harmful products. Suppliers adhere to strict international standards for the production process, and we do not work with any farms that have used pesticides in the last three years. Our suppliers also rely on crop rotation to ensure soil fertility, and they control pests and weeds using either mechanical cultivation or biological means. The brands you’ll discover on our website also provide beautiful garments that stand the test of time, feel comfortable on the skin, and stand up to adventure and play! In short, if you’re looking for the best organic kids clothing brands, you’ve come to the right place!

A new era of kids fashion in Australia

For too many years, many parents in Australia found it challenging to buy beautiful organic clothes for their little ones — we certainly did! Today, you can finally discover diverse clothes that nourish children and inspire adventures! The designs here at Elves in the Wardrobe reflect our deep-hearted desire to protect the magic of childhood and reflect a whimsical look — with comfort, quality and sustainability at the core of our creations.

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