Why do babies need organic clothes?

At Elves in the Wardrobe, we work tirelessly to bring parents the very best organic clothing. While we’ve talked about the many benefits of ‘shifting to organic clothing’ as a parent, we thought it would be helpful to write an article focusing on the specific advantages to babies.

Babies are more vulnerable to chemicals than adults

Babies have thinner skin and their organs are still developing. When adults are exposed to certain chemicals, our bodies are more likely to have built up a certain amount of tolerance over time; however, this process can take up to six months in babies. When you buy organic baby clothes made from entirely natural fibres like pure cotton instead of chemically-treated fabrics like polyester — which can release harmful compounds — you maximise protection against your baby’s delicate skin. Most organic baby clothing is made of natural fibres like cotton, wool and bamboo, providing precisely what babies need to thrive in this world.

Babies love soft, comfortable clothing

As parents, we want nothing more than a healthy and happy baby. Just like us adults, babies require soft, comfortable clothing to feel truly content. We’ve already touched on the fact that any clothing drenched in chemicals should have no place in your baby’s wardrobe, but it’s also worth noting that conventional clothes often lose any soft feeling very fast. They become relatively coarse and scratchy, causing discomfort, or worse, rashes and inflammation.

Traditional cotton practices have no place for the future

Conventional cotton is damaging to wildlife and plants, whilst wasting a substantial amount of water. Earth’s resources are currently being consumed in destructive volumes, and it must stop if we’re to preserve the planet and protect future generations. Babies need to grow up in a world without pesticides and insecticides leaking into local rivers, trees and vegetations that thousands of species eat and drink from to survive. Organic cotton is far better for the environment, with no chemicals used and certified organic cotton farmers now have the tools necessary to recycle rainwater and minimise wastage.

Safer and sturdier

Organic cotton clothing lasts for at least 100 washes before it wears down. The same cannot be said for conventional cotton clothing, which lasts between 10 and 20 washes before it begins breaking down. Therefore, Australian made baby clothes and those made from various eco-friendly brands across the world are safer, sturdier and feel great!

Why choose Elves in the Wardrobe?

Did you know that 16% of the world’s pesticides are used on cotton crops, but only 2.5% of the world’s land is cotton fields? This makes cotton the most pesticide-intensive crop grown on the planet. At Elves in the Wardrobe, our little elves have sprinkled their magical dust, showcasing some of the world’s best organic baby clothes collections from a multitude of sustainability-focused brands. If you’re interested in buying organic baby clothing here in Australia or ‘across the pond,’ you’ll find everything you need for your baby’s wardrobe on our website. Shop by size, brand or explore our baby collection here.

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