Green and Sustainable Baby Clothes from Elves

Green and Sustainable Baby Clothes from Elves

Here at Elves, we take pride in offering some of the finest sustainable baby clothes on the market. This is something we’re very passionate about. In fact, ensuring our baby and kid’s range offers great quality, durability, price and sustainability is a priority for us. And they look great too! In short, the sustainable baby clothes we offer are ethically produced. This way we minimise any impacts on our planet. We do not sell  ‘fast fashion’.

How we are progressing towards a more sustainable retail operation?

  1. Reducing – there are companies out there that we deal with who send their clothes to us in plastic-free wrapping. For instance, German Eco fashion labels leela cottonloud+proud and Puenktchen Komma Strich. These companies lead the way as their parcels contain nothing but organic clothes. Others like Nature baby supply their clothes in bio-degradable packaging.
  2. Recycle – Unfortunately, there are others that don’t. So, in an effort to reduce impacts, we take any plastic packaging to the nearest recycling drop off run by RedCycle. Ultimately, this plastic will be turned into furniture for schools.
  3. Reuse – All our packaging is made from recycled material and can be used again.
  4. We buy organic sustainable baby’s and kid’s clothes – The bonus for parents when focusing on sustainable baby clothes is that they are often good value too. You’ll get lots of use and even be able to pass them down because they are well made and highly durable. This is the sign of great quality. Also, with longevity in mind, some brands will incorporate features like roll down legs, sleeves and adjustable straps. This means they can grow with your little ones.
    Ethical and sustainable practices mean looking out for the conditions of the workers. These include safe working practices and a livable wage. In addition, the cotton and hemp, for example, must be grown with a minimal addition of chemicals.
    Look out for certification from  Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) or Oeko-Tex.
At Elves in the Wardrobe, we’ve chosen brands because their whole range is sustainable. This ensures the best for our babies, children and the planet.
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